Special Test Equipments

Design and Supply of Special Purpose Testing Instruments and Equipments

Vijayesh offers: Design and supply of instruments, testing units, equipments to meet your specific requirements. Such units could be good substitutes to your imported or indigenous units, working or nonworking. Vijayesh offers you most economic solution after understanding your needs.

Some examples:
  • Exothermic Testing, Hot Distortion Testing Units for Foundry Materials
  • Testing of thermal conductivity¬†
  • ¬†Sensors and Instruments for Engine Dynamometer Test Beds
  • Hot Compression & Leakage Tester for Gaskets
  • Furnaces for Heating Couplings, Castings and Bearings
  • Level Sensors and Systems
  • Electric Cable Harness Tester for Railways
  • Combustion Tester for Flammable Materials in Automobile Materials
  • Vacuum Tester for Automobile Fuel Tanks
  • Human bladder constriction tester
  • Temperature Sensor Calibration Systems
  • Pressure Calibration Systems
  • Temperature Mapping Systems for Furnaces, Ovens
  • Temperature Systems for Induction Heated Rods
  • Phase Sequence Detectors,
  • Speed Sensor Test Unit
  • Special Test Units for Pharma
  • Digital Counters, Scanners -to count and track products¬†


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